Home Services

Mr. Madevan G : Electrical Work was done patiently as well as professionally. Though it got late, job was finished perfectly.

Mr. Venkatesh : Thank you so much. He has done the job & can pick up speed. Nice person. Paid him Rs.1100/- towards charges. I would recommend Sprint6 to anyone who is in need of an electrician.

Mrs. Shruthi Thilak - Film producer : Nice work Mr.kali

Mr. Bharath Raja : Good Service. Thanks for arranging promptly. Mr Saravanan did a very professional service. *****

Mrs. SumithaI am very happy with the drains cleaning. One bucket was left unwashed and the sump cover was left open. But the main work has been done well and I am very happy.

Mr. Vaidy : Excellent

Mr Mahadevan : Mohamed did good Job

Mr. Senthil : Excellent service!!! Great job!! Found the problem within few minutes and rectified very fast. Would definitely recommend Sprint6

Mr Mani : Very user friendly app and strongly recommend sprint6 for your home services

Mr Hari Haran : Very nice application for residential services

Mr Selvaraj : Quick Response and superb service

Mr Remo David : It is a fantastic application. And it helps me more and its very useful.

Mr. Anand : Good knowledgeable technician and did good service

Mrs. Devi : Feedback is good Kaliappan. Services are delivered promptly and defects have been rectified quickly with your intervention.

Mr Ravichander Arurdhoss : Sprint6 service is excellent. Their professional approach is highly appreciated. One can handover the issues to them and take a backseat. Most of the time work is carried out meticulously. No nuisance team.

Mrs. Pooja : Great quality service, very professional. Satistfied.

Mr. Roopan : Sprint6 provide excellent and quality service. Unequivocally their work is very perfect. Kudos to the team....

Business Services

Mrs. Geetha S - DGM, TANKER Foundation : TANKER Foundation is appreciative of the work done by Sprint 6. Their professionalism, and timely completion of work is worth applauding. We wish Sprint 6 all the very best and assure them of our support at all times.

WALLSTREET ENGLISH INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED : Sprint6 Specialized Services had established a year ago and rapid growth with added of more client profiles, because of promptly address the client Services & requirements and well execution of the client assigned jobs with the completion of stipulate time frame. The Sprint6 staffs are well experienced and much professional in there services, particularly Kaliappan - Head,Saravanan and Mohamed. Appreciated & Thanks for all the support from Sprint6 delivered works at WALLSTREET ENGLISH INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED.